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  • Summer Parent Reading Group - In order that we might continue modeling the kind of reading that is leisure rather than work, the parent reading group will continue meeting over the summer break. If we are very fortunate, and even a little bit... Read More
  • Our Fearless Seniors - We, as Ridgeview students, have finally entered into the dreaded fourth quarter. I say “dreaded” because this final quarter is riddled with painstaking cumulative finals, long and comprehensive essays, and, above all, the beloved, yet infamous senior theses,... Read More
  • The Secret Moral of Walter Mitty - In 1939, a man named James Thurber published a short story titled, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” The story is about a rather henpecked, ordinary man who spends most of his life daydreaming about being far more... Read More
  • Ridgeview Teachers’ Care - On Tuesday, March 6th, shortly after lunch, a code red was announced. After hearing this announcement, a jolt of fear ran through the students. Not knowing if there was an active shooter on campus or not, we all... Read More
  • The Treasure Lost in Its Protection - Ender’s Game is a novel about a young tactical prodigy in a world under the threat of attack by aliens. Ender is young when he is sent to a training school in space to train to be humanity’s... Read More