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  • Mock Trial Wrap-Up - Ridgeview’s Mock Trial teams recently competed at the regional competition held here in Fort Collins. While both teams performed phenomenally, only the A Team will proceed to the state competition this year. Mock Trial has been a great... Read More
  • A Poem for Warm Weather - Hey, everybody, I can hardly believe that we’re in third quarter already! It was quite a bit warmer today than it has been and the afternoon Algebra II class was held outside. Sadly, as everyone who’s lived long... Read More
  • Fun in the Sun…Or Snow - It is widely known that Ridgeview offers many trips for its students; in fact, some even say that it is one of Ridgeview’s defining characteristics. Most prominent among these are the annual class trips, which take place in... Read More
  • The Trial and Triumph of Song - My breaths were deep and silent as I went to the front of the stage. It was our last chance to produce something incredible, and we all knew it. So, we all slid into our positions and looked... Read More
  • Post Solstice Solace Recap - The Post Solstice Solace was at High Peak Camp in Estes Park this year. The weather was beautiful for sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, snow shoeing, and talking with friends. Many started off the morning by sledding down... Read More