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2017 High School Honors Assembly - Fourth Quarter Honors Assembly 2017 With the end in sight, a brief retrospective is in order. While I intend to speak at greater length and hopefully with greater force at the graduation this weekend, it is difficult not to address the seniors in everything one says at this time of year. While they are undoubtedly […]
Dedicated to Truth and Virtue - Ridgeview’s unabridged Latin credo is neque popularitati neque utilitati at veritati virtutique dedicatum. Translated into English, this means, “Dedicated not to popularity or utility, but to truth and virtue.” Herein, ‘dedicated’ does not have a commemorative sense. Instead, it expresses what individuals working and studying at Ridgeview are dedicating their lives to. These lives are […]
State of the School Address 2017 - Thank you for coming this evening. It is easy to skip these types of events as our students are safely enrolled, the Board is safely seated, and our school safely re-chartered. God willing, the school will still be here on Monday when we drop off our children. I do not wish to heighten anxieties by […]
Revisiting the Senior Thesis (Reflections from a Member of the Class of 2011) - The following entry is guest authored by Kelsey Niichel, Class of 2011. Since graduating from Ridgeview, it has come as a surprise to me to see how many people live an “unexamined life,” as Socrates would call it. Much of my interaction with my fellow man has been superficial, at best, which has left me […]
A Day in the Life Pt. 1 - One of the greatest things about receiving a liberal arts education is our freedom to explore different disciplines. Of course, as our school focuses on a classical education, our curriculum focuses on humanities classes, deeply exploring the fields of literature and history. At the beginning of high school, I was an almost exclusively humanities-driven student; […]