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  • The Tour, Part III - American history has always been given pride of place within the curriculum at Ridgeview. Our country’s culture and history are given this sort of attention because whatever else our students may go on to become, very nearly all... Read More
  • The Beautiful - Just as a liberal arts education prepares its students to seek the good and true, it also teaches them to appreciate the beautiful. “Beauty” may be even more evasive than the “True” or the “Good,” as it has... Read More
  • The Tour, Part II - Few who walk into Ridgeview for the first time in 2017 could imagine that it began life as a church in 1978. Upon entering through the front doors, students see the Hoplite logo inlaid in the flooring. It... Read More
  • A Poem by Lucy - Where the dark sea meets the sky Strewn with stars reflected in the mirror Of the waveless ocean’s depths Meet me and we’ll run together To the ending of the world In a dance of endless circles Like... Read More
  • The True - The True, like the Good, is often hard to capture but always worth pursuing. That in itself poses difficulties. The liberal arts attempts to separate (though never alienate) the True from the true. Many truths are observable, like... Read More