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  • Ridgeview Teachers’ Care - On Tuesday, March 6th, shortly after lunch, a code red was announced. After hearing this announcement, a jolt of fear ran through the students. Not knowing if there was an active shooter on campus or not, we all... Read More
  • The Treasure Lost in Its Protection - Ender’s Game is a novel about a young tactical prodigy in a world under the threat of attack by aliens. Ender is young when he is sent to a training school in space to train to be humanity’s... Read More
  • The Work of Man - As a graduation gift from my dear Alma Mater Ridgeview Classical Schools, I received a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ The Meditations. Upon rereading it over this last winter break, the following passage from the beginning of Book V struck... Read More
  • Mock Trial Wrap-Up - Ridgeview’s Mock Trial teams recently competed at the regional competition held here in Fort Collins. While both teams performed phenomenally, only the A Team will proceed to the state competition this year. Mock Trial has been a great... Read More
  • A Poem for Warm Weather - Hey, everybody, I can hardly believe that we’re in third quarter already! It was quite a bit warmer today than it has been and the afternoon Algebra II class was held outside. Sadly, as everyone who’s lived long... Read More