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  • Spirit Week 2017 - The week before Ridgeview’s Homecoming dance is known as Spirit Week. This year that week was October 9th-13th. For students, this meant that there was not only an opportunity to dress as we otherwise wouldn’t, but also a... Read More
  • The Safest Day of the Year - On Monday October 2, Ridgeview hosted First Responders’ Day.  This event is fun and knowledgeable for everyone. We were able to honor the people who dedicate their time and energy protecting others out of the goodness of their... Read More
  • Autumn’s Arrival - The Spring is like a young maid That does not know her mind, The Summer is a tyrant Of most ungracious kind; The Autumn is an old friend That pleases all he can, And brings the bearded barley... Read More
  • Education: Its Importance in Living Well - Anyone in the Ridgeview community well knows about the ominous Senior Thesis that every Ridgeview graduate writes. In this thesis, the soon-to-be graduates are tasked with answering the question of “What is the Good Life?”– what it means... Read More
  • Seize the Day - Make the most of what you’ve got: The time you have today. For the present named becomes the past And no time can be reclaimed. This time is a gift, the present you have Use it well and... Read More