Summer Communiqué N°2

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In this, the summer’s second communique, I would like to provide everyone with an update on our progress at the former Little Bears building. The Neenan Company has been hard at work over the past month, and last night we had our final meeting with (and approval from) the City of Fort Collins’s Planning and Zoning Committee. Anyone who has spent much time in our current building will know that we have always tried to do our best with the space we have been provided, but this has also meant that we have had to make the most of every inch. We have held classes on the stage of our performing arts center and completed testing on temporary tables in the gym. We have even held classes in the cafeteria, and our families and faculty have borne with this patiently and generously.

Once the renovation is complete, we will free up some space in the current building and give everyone some much-needed breathing room. The new building will house six classrooms and a conference room. These classrooms will be used primarily for upper school courses, and no teacher will be permanently housed in the new building. The seniors will be happy to hear that a coffee bar is being built for them, and all students should appreciate the considerable amount of land that came with the building.

Our students have played football, Frisbee, soccer, and other sports in the parking lot during their lunches for over a decade. The area to the south of our new facility contains a large area that we intend to landscape into a small field for playing these games, and for relaxing and eating lunch beneath the shade of the many trees. Currently this area contains playground equipment that we would like to sell and move out of the way. If you happen to know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing this equipment, please contact Mr. Carpine.

Also, while the Neenan Company is responsible for the construction of the building, we will be working to complete the landscaping by the time our students return. If you have materials, time, or skills that you feel you could donate to this project, we would very much appreciate hearing from you. More specific information will be forthcoming as the landscape plans take shape and we begin to develop a list of materials needed.

We look forward to welcoming your children back to Ridgeview in the autumn, and hope that this improvement will provide everyone with a little more room to breathe, live, play, and learn.

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