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Welcome to Ridgeview Classical Schools. Whether you are a new student or a returning student, we hope that your time with us this year will prove both enjoyable and edifying. We have spent the summer working hard to make improvements to our facilities and our academic program. The newly remodeled Ridgeview South has come together nicely and boasts six new classrooms and a conference room. We have extended our Latin program from the fifth grade into the kindergarten, and will be introducing students to the Greek alphabet beginning in the second grade. While the changes to the dress code and the introduction of a uniform in kindergarten and first grade have attracted a great deal of attention, we are also implementing a formal penmanship program and restructuring our language support classes. The teachers have completed three weeks of training and thought a great deal about classical education and the mission and purpose of Ridgeview. They have read and discussed essays by Jacques Barzun, Gilbert Highet, Michael Knox Beran, Donald Kagan, and Maynard Hutchins. There is much that is new at Ridgeview this year, but what is essential remains.

Ridgeview continues to offer a rigorous, classical education to every interested and able student. Since 1994 parents in Colorado have had the opportunity to choose what type of education they would like for their children to receive. This is an opportunity denied to many families across the nation. The presumption that it is a parent’s right to choose the education afforded to their child is even cause for a military-style raid on homeschoolers in a country as ostensibly enlightened as present-day Germany. With the right to choose comes a greater degree of autonomy. This liberty is only as valuable as parents make it. It is the partnership with parents that can turn a school from good to great. Work ethic, diligence, prudence, temperance, all the virtues we seek to inculcate and model for your students in this building, and in the literature we read with them, and the manner in which we discuss history, or investigate ideas, or have conversations with one another – all of these can be undone by the world at large, and an organization like Ridgeview is swimming against the tide. Presumably you know this and it is part of the reason that you have chosen to be here. We appreciate that you have chosen Ridgeview and we aim to provide every one of your children with the best possible education. We want for you to be involved and we look forward to an incredible year.

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