Summer Communiqué N°7

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As June winds to a close, so does the teaching year for many of our RCS employees. Our Summer Academy program was very popular, with nearly 170 students enrolled this year. All went well, and it has now concluded. In addition to offering current students the opportunity to take classes, a number of new students were exposed to the Ridgeview experience for the first time and have since chosen to enroll for classes next year. We invite you all to extend a warm welcome to these students and their families as they join our community this autumn.

Moving forward, we plan to continue building on many of the successful changes that were implemented last year. Latin will continue to be taught in the elementary school, Greek will be introduced to students in third grade, and we will continue practicing cursive penmanship throughout the elementary program. As mentioned this spring, we are working hard to ensure that we begin the year with as much solidarity and enthusiasm as possible. To that end, we have a number of new back-to-school activities scheduled: elementary students will have an opportunity to meet their new teachers at a picnic in the park, middle school students will enjoy a day at the pool at City Park, incoming Freshman will spend a day at CSU’s ropes course, Sophomores and Juniors will play paintball, and Seniors will go on an extensive scavenger/geocaching hunt before camping out overnight in the mountains. Finally, we will host a reception at the Midtown Arts Center for Ridgeview parents to provide them with an opportunity to meet their children’s teachers. Dates for these events will be announced and posted on Facebook ( and our website ( soon.

Going forward, there are a number of other highlights to note in the coming year. Per the original plan, all kindergarten through third-grade students will be in uniform for the 2014-2015 academic year. If there is a need for financial assistance, we encourage you to contact Mrs. Schunk at 970.494.4620 ext. 142. As was explained in a letter sent out with final report cards and fall class schedules, the Upper School schedule has been changed from a six day to a five day rotation next year. This change will allow students to continue to take up to eight classes if they choose, but with the advantage that they will not need to miss a lunch to do so. For more clarity, a sample schedule has been attached to this letter. Please note that there are no changes to school hours – classes will still start at 7:30 and be dismissed at 3:00. Also, we are moving away from half (split) levels in the elementary mathematics program, with all students being placed in full-level courses. This does not mean that Ridgeview is moving away from ability grouping, as students will continue to be placed in the highest level mathematics course that they can reasonably be expected to be successful in. Parents of students in these classes have already been notified, and appropriate placements have been made. If anyone needs further information, please leave a message for Mrs. Houdesheldt at 170. Finally, if you should happen to stop into the school over the summer break, please excuse the mess – we are in the midst of a long overdue refurbishment of the hallways in the main building.

All this work has been done with the intent of ensuring that Ridgeview remains a worthy choice for your children’s education, and that it continues to be an ideal place for your children to learn and grow. Like all other schools in the district, Ridgeview is a school of choice, and we appreciate you trusting us with the education of your children. We look forward to welcoming you back soon, but hope that in the meantime you and your families will enjoy a safe and relaxing summer with one another.

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