Senior Theses: Final Drafts Due

Senior Theses cover Mr. Anderson's office door.

The project of writing the senior thesis could be said to begin in kindergarten, but practically it begins taking shape when Ridgeview’s seniors select and begin meeting with their advisors in September. Over the next seven months, students consider what is essential to the good life, and even what that question means to them. They are asked to reflect on what they have experienced, what they have learned, and what they have come to believe. They have had conversations with their advisors about the books they have read and the ideas that have been most influential in their development. We have talked about love, friendship, virtue, integrity, and authenticity. We have argued about what it is to be a good person, to have character, to triumph over challenges. We philosophized about how we ought to encounter one another and about the frailty of life. We have discussed what we can control and how we can cope with what is beyond our control. These conversations between student and teacher – advisee and advisor – are some of the most intellectually rewarding conversations many of us will engage in over the course of the year. After a great deal of anxiety, some late nights, much stress, and more than a few tears, our seniors have submitted their final drafts. Today was a victory. To the Class of 2016, congratulations and good work!

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