A Good Summer

Corinne and Grace stand atop Mt. Bierstadt.

What do you think of when you picture a great summer? We imagine most people think of family road trips, swimming pools, lemonade, camping trips, and sleeping in. For seniors at Ridgeview, our last summer as high school students was that and more. We sought to have fun and enjoy our last summer as kids, but at the same time, we took steps forward into adulthood. We learned to balance work and play, responsibility and pleasure.

As we said goodbye to last year’s seniors, we welcomed our own seniority; at last, the year we have been waiting for!

We kicked off the summer with a senior party on the last day of school – video games, twister, a fire pit, and s’mores. The next day we parted ways, two best friends busy in our own worlds. Grace started work as a sales associate at Peloton Cycles and Corinne as a Personal Care Provider at The Residence at Oakridge, a neighborhood assisted care facility.

We didn’t leave Ridgeview behind, however. In late June, Corinne went on the Student Ambassador Wilderness First Aid Trip led by Mr. Carvalho. Unfortunately, the trip was interrupted by a strike of lightning that caused a nearby wildfire in Lory State Park. As a result, the Ambassadors had to evacuate, spending the night instead at a lock-in at Ridgeview, playing dodgeball and eating microwave s’mores – only to be awoken at 3am to continue training in a very boot-camp style fashion.

But the summer was not all work. Grace attended a week-long mountain bike camp in Curt Gowdy, Wyoming, while Corinne traveled to Walden, Colorado for a three-day long cross-country camp. Sunburned and bruised, we came back home to continue working and to face our first task as seniors: college applications.

Grace worked on applications for the Air Force Academy and Colorado College, both in Colorado Springs. Corinne started applications for Wellesley College in Boston, MA, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. We both went on campus tours – Corinne to UNC, and Grace to CC.

In late July, we went on a Student Council camping trip at Glacier Basin Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trip was awesome and was led by great chaperones, including Mrs. Calvert and Mr. Carpine. As a group, we proudly hiked 10 miles round-trip to the top of Hallett Peak. The rest of the trip was spent bonding through team-building activities and sitting around the campfire discussing StuCo’s plans to positively impact our community at Ridgeview.

Amidst all of our activities and work, we also went on separate trips across the country. Grace first went to Tubac, Arizona to visit family and bike, and then she took an exciting trip to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. Corinne went to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit family and attend a campus visit at Chapel Hill.

Like the usual Fort Collins teenager, we spent a lot of time during the summer in Old Town with friends, enjoying events such as New West Fest and Taste of Fort Collins. We went swimming at Horsetooth Reservoir, saw movies at the local drive-in theater, went on sunrise hikes, and ate plenty of sushi and frozen yogurt along the way.

In late August, we went on the much-anticipated senior camping trip at Guanella Pass. The trip was a blast. We hiked our first fourteener, Mt. Bierstadt, with the Class of 2017, and ate plenty of Mr. Morse’s yummy Dutch-oven cobbler. The trip was a wonderful bonding experience, filled with late-night talks around the campfire, great friends, and beautiful sights.

And so, from beginning to end, our summer was filled with long-lasting memories, exciting trips, and fantastic friends, making the summer a truly good one.

How was yours?

Corinne M. & Grace W.


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