The Beginning of the End

We seniors have officially hit the beginning of the end; our last semester of high school lies before us. Four more months of school, approximately only 80 more school days before we walk across a stage, get handed a diploma, shake Mr. Anderson’s hand, and toss our caps in the air. By the time we graduate, we will have spent roughly 2,000 days in school since kindergarten, so 80 certainly seems like a small and quickly-dwindling number.

The beginning of our last semester of high school started off on a good foot, though an eye-opening one at that. At the 2nd Quarter Honors Assembly, Audrey was announced as being the valedictorian of the Class of 2017, and myself the salutatorian. We are both so honored and excited to speak on behalf of our class at graduation. I think that hearing that announcement was the first time this year that I truly felt like things were coming to a close and that our impending graduation is actually a reality. There have certainly been other moments earlier this school year that felt “senior-y,” such as attending our last Homecoming dance or committing to my first choice college, and buying our graduation caps and gowns, but it has become increasingly apparent to me that there is a difference between doing things that a senior would do and realizing the significance or finality of those things.

Yet the most eye-opening moment of the whole year for me was this past Saturday night, at our last Madrigals performance. Every person who’s been in Madrigals and graduated from Ridgeview knows that the final performance of “Silent Night” on Saturday night is a pretty emotional ordeal for the seniors. Singing those last few notes marked the end of a wonderful experience that is for me one of the greatest highlights of my time at Ridgeview. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be part of such an amazing group, and for having that beautiful contribution to my life. The end of the Madrigal season was another “final moment” to mark our senior year, and what a bittersweet moment it was for all of us seniors.

By the time we graduate, I will have been at Ridgeview for 8 years, Audrey for 11, and Grace for a whopping 12. We have experienced and learned so much throughout our time at this school, and I truly hope that these next four months will be the best we have had. We still have so much to look forward to. No matter whether they be stressful like thesis presentations, fun like the senior prank, or exciting like the last day of classes, we have so much to anticipate and I strongly encourage all seniors to savor every moment as best we can, because they will go quick and we will be graduating before we know it.

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