About Ridgeview Classical Schools

Founded in 2001, Ridgeview is a K-12, classical charter school located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It enrolls around 800 students annually and focuses on a true liberal arts education to develop the intellect and character of each of its students.

Vision Statement:
It is the philosophy of the Ridgeview Classical Schools that all students benefit from a rigorous, content-rich, educational program that develops academic potential and personal character. The school will provide an environment that fosters academic excellence through the habit of thoroughness, the willingness to work, and the perseverance to complete difficult tasks. Through a defined traditional, classical-liberal curriculum students will be prepared to become active, responsible members of their community.

About the Authors

The Goods’ Corinne M., Grace W., and Audrey T.

The Goods is a blog written primarily by Ridgeview’s Corinne M., Grace W. and Audrey T.  2016 marks Corinne’s eighth year at Ridgeview. Corinne loves Ridgeview’s literature and language classes, as well as the great discussions she’s had here over the years. She plans to write her senior thesis about gratitude’s role in the good life. Corinne loves singing, writing, and running. She is involved in many aspects of Ridgeview, including the Madrigal Choir, Mock Trial, Student Council, Student Ambassadors, and the drama department’s Hair and Makeup Crew. Next year, she hopes to go to college somewhere on the East Coast, and plans on double majoring in Anthropology and Cinema/Media Studies. Corinne loves to travel and has a passion for other languages and cultures. She hopes to pursue a career that allows her both to travel and to help other people, perhaps working for an international non-profit organization.

Grace has been going to Ridgeview for twelve years and has performed in the school’s musicals, served as both a lawyer and team captain in Mock Trial, and been cross-country mountainbiking competitively with the Ciclismo Youth Foundation all since her freshman year. She has participated in Student Council and Student Ambassadors for two years and is an alto in Ridgeview’s Madrigal Choir. Grace has always enjoyed the sciences, especially Biology and Sociology. She also loves Latin, a language which she has studied for over six years, as well as swing dancing with aerials. Grace is applying to the Air Force Academy in hopes of becoming a pilot and officer in the United States Air Force, while still pursuing sociology and ecology on the side. Grace strongly believes in the power of ambition, and can’t wait to discover new leadership opportunities outside of Ridgeview.

Audrey has attended Ridgeview since the second grade. She loves her class, delights in the continual conversation, and pursues the sciences with extra zeal. She hopes to study the sciences in college and further discover what makes the world around her function. At Ridgeview, you will find her doing everything from practicing for the Science Bowl to attending Student Ambassador meetings, but more likely, she can be found getting another cup of tea from the senior cabinet. Outside of school, she enjoys playing tennis and the piano.

Corinne, Grace, and Audrey hope to offer readers an inside perspective into the lives of real Ridgeview students. The title “The Goods” is meant to reflect students’ experiences, whether they be dances or exam week, in a positive light.